About sgodds

Math Enthusiast, Blockhead Punter, LEMP Addict. - I

sgodds.com will not be and will not have

Eh? All don't have then you create website for what?
Firstly, all above information can be found on the Internet if you googled hard enough - not going to reinvent the wheel.
Secondly, I developed sgodds.com to keep my PHP coding and Linux web deployment skills in check.
Nothing to boost about - Bootstrap framework, jQuery stuffs and PHP, MariaDB, Nginx etc.

Being a LEMP Addict for years, I had soccer data collected via "wget cron" setup.
These data were initially written as html files but later stored into MySQL database as my mining techniques evolved.

I am a Math Enthusiast? - Well, I have been writing PHP scripts to mine and analyze these data in hope to find a "fairy tale" formula to make myself rich in the shortest time possible for the past... 3 years? No, maybe 5! Obviously, ahem... there is no "happily ever after" ending.

What's a Blockhead Punter? For so many years, many if not all of my formula scripts failed ultimately in predicting whatever.
However fast forward, I will forget about these old failed formulas but only to rewrite them again. This is also known as the 'infinite loop'.

- I ?
I am just an average Singaporean guy struggling to pay my HDB loans, reports to work by public transport and having a modest Xperia Z3 mobile in my pocket.
I am still writing, testing different crazy equations in PHP though, simply because I still believe that historical data will be helpful in bet selections.