Details about each page and some commonly asked questions.

Page Description
Current All matches 1X2 opening and latest odds on display. Odds are 'ideally' updated at 10 minutes interval pulling data from singaporepools website. These are therefore 'delayed' odds. a) A clock icon denotes a match which is going to start in less than 60 minutes. b) A spinning ball icon denotes a match currently in play. c) A TV icon denotes a match with live bet. You may click on a particular match to view all the available odd selections details. Last but not least, when a match ends, it will be moved from Current to Results and Past Odds webpage.
Movements Favorable selections backed by punters resulting in opening odds reduced by more than -20% will be displayed here. In order to qualify as a popular upcoming match (red colored header 1238 Dutch Cup ), the match must have 10 or more selections each having more than -20% drops in odds. And every 5 'dropping odds' selections = 1 fiery icon which further denotes the match popularity strength.
Past Check back closing odds for winning selections. Winning selections are highlighted and these odds values will leave you wondering what if...? There are some minor inconsistencies to Asian Handicap and Total Goals Over/Under because singaporepools updates the 'cap' value according to punters demands but only one record is displayed at sgodds. E.g. Total Goals Over/Under 2.5 may update to Over/Under 3.5 if majority punters backed 'Over'. Note that result status does not update instantly after a match ended because got to wait for singaporepools website to upload the result.
Tools With so much numerical data collected, it will be a waste not to analyze them to gain even the slightest bit of advantage over the bookmaker. There are currently 4 odds tools available. Most tools require punter's (your) inputs E.g. the possibility of Team A to win. Others present informative details derived from the odds database. There are and never will be any system generated prediction tools because it's not my area of expertise and is not to be held responsible for any loss.