Opening Odds Data by League

More leagues will be made available as more opening odds data are collected. Please refer to the table legends below to reference the column names in the CSV files. Please use the Contact form to report erroneous data.

# League From To No. of Matches CSV
1English Premier2022-10-012023-03-19203+Download
2A League2022-10-072023-03-19127+Download
3Dutch League2022-10-012023-03-20172+Download
4English League Champ2022-10-012023-03-19339+Download
5French League2022-10-012023-03-20200+Download
6German League2022-10-012023-03-20162+Download
7Italian League2022-10-012023-03-20200+Download
8J League2022-10-012023-03-1988+Download
9K League2022-10-012023-03-1954+Download
10Spanish League2022-10-012023-03-20200+Download
11Swedish League2022-10-012022-11-0656+Download
12US Soccer League2022-09-252023-03-26115+Download
CSV legends table
Name Type [selection]
ID Match Number
Live Bet 0 = No; 1 = Yes
Result HT = Halftime, FT = Fulltime
Ah_01_Hcap, Ah_02_Hcap Asian Handicap [Home], [Away]
Ah_01, Ah_02 Asian Handicap Odds [Home], [Away]
Ft1X2_01, Ft1X2_02, Ft1X2_03 1X2 [Home], 1X2 [Draw], 1X2 [Away]
Htft_01, Htft_02, Htft_03, Htft_04, Htft_05, Htft_06, Htft_07, Htft_08, Htft_09 Halftime-Fulltime [Home-Home], [Home-Draw], [Home-Away], [Draw-Home], [Draw-Draw], [Draw-Away], [Away-Home], [Away-Draw], [Away-Away]
Pts_10, Pts_20, Pts_21..., Pts_00, Pts_11, Pts_99..., Pts_01, Pts_02, Pts_12... Pick The Score [1-0], [2-0], [2-1]..., [0-0], [1-1], [Another Other Score], [0-1], [0-2], [1-2]...
Tg_00, Tg_01, Tg_02, Tg_03, Tg_04, Tg_05, Tg_06, Tg_07, Tg_08, Tg_09 Total Goals [0 Goals], [1 Goals], [2 Goals], [3 Goals], [4 Goals], [5 Goals], [6 Goals], [7 Goals], [8 Goals], [9+ Goals]
T1g_01, T1g_02, T1g_03 Team to Score 1st Goal [Home], [Away], [No 1st Goal]
Oe_01, Oe_02 Total Goals Odd/Even [Odd], [Even]
Ht1X2_01, Ht1X2_02, Ht1X2_03 Halftime 1X2 [Home], [Draw], [Away]
Htpts_10, Htpts_20, Htpts_21, Htpts_00, Htpts_11, Htpts_22, Htpts_99, Htpts_01, Htpts_02, Htpts_12 Halftime PTS [1-0], [2-0], [2-1], [0-0], [1-1], [2-2], [Any Other Score], [0-1], [0-2], [1-2]
Ou_hcap Total Goals Over/Under
Ou_01, Ou_02 Total Goals Over/Under Odds [Over], [Under]
Htou_Hcap Halftime Total Goals Over/Under
Htou_01, Htou_02 Halftime Total Goals Over/Under Odds [Over], [Under]
Hg_01_Hcap, Hg_02_Hcap 1/2 Goal [Home], [Away]
Hg_01, Hg_02 1/2 Goal Odds [Home], [Away]
Bg_01, Bg_02 Will Both Teams Score [Yes], [No]
Htoe_01, Htoe_02 Halftime Total Goals Odd/Even Odds [Odd], [Even]
Httg_00, Httg_01, Httg_02, Httg_03 Halftime Total Goals [0 Goal], [1 Goal], [2 Goals], [3+ Goals]
Htt1g_01, Htt1g_02, Htt1g_03 Half Time Team To Score 1st Goal [Home], [Away], [No 1st Goal]
Htbg_01, Htbg_02 Half Time Will Both Teams Score [Yes], [No]