Odds Tools and Calculator

These are not magic tools! Some are just simple formulas that can easily be calculated using Excel spreadsheet. They are created because these tools can extract odds from the database conveniently less users entering them. Their purpose in your football betting strategy is to assist in identifying favorable bet selections to multiply your stake. Others tools help to analyse historical results and past odds.

Disclaimer! Tools on this page may not give you an edge over bookmakers or provide you with a sure-win strategy and may even make you lose stakes quicker than before.
Odds Tool 1

Predict Scores

Trusting your 'Gut Feeling' is often the Best Strategy. Pick the scores to shortlist all possible bet selections.

Pick X-X
Odds Tool 2

1X2 Value Bets

Simple is best! Figured out an estimated win chance for a team? Identify 'value'
Value = (odds x probability %) / 100

Chance %
Odds Tool 3

Historical Odds Analyzer

Against or in favour of odds movements? Take a look at past winning odds movements by league type.

Strike %
Odds Tool 4

Bookmaker vs Punter

Some leagues are less predictable and hence more profitable than others due to higher odds given by bookmaker.

Bm vs Me
Heads up! Do let us know if there's a tool that you think you'll need or feel it will be useful for everyone.