Bookmaker or Punter Favourite League

Well-known leagues have greater media coverage and are followed more closely giving bookmaker an advantage. Could less popular leagues be less predictable thus given punters higher odds?

Bookmaker won 11 matches vs Punters won 8 matches

Bookmaker wins when winning odds MORE than opening odds. Punters win when winning odds LESS than opening odds.
Based on captured 1X2 odds just before closing.
Start Time Team Result 1 X 2
Sun, 23 May 20210356 Leeds vs West Bromwich3-17.14%-6.82%-12.73%
Sun, 23 May 20210371 Fulham vs Newcastle0-29.52%0.00%-12.28%
Sun, 23 May 20210373 Sheffield Utd vs Burnley1-0-5.45%0.00%4.44%
Sun, 23 May 20210360 Leicester vs Tottenham2-4-10.53%2.78%22.58%
Sun, 23 May 20210304 West Ham vs Southampton3-02.99%-2.78%-2.50%
Sun, 23 May 20210380 Wolverhampton vs Manchester Utd1-2-9.80%-3.13%12.50%
Sun, 23 May 20210378 Manchester City vs Everton5-0-8.76%15.56%15.38%
Sun, 23 May 20210357 Liverpool vs Crystal Palace2-00.89%-6.67%0.00%
Sun, 23 May 20210367 Aston Villa vs Chelsea2-1-13.33%17.50%-2.07%
Sun, 23 May 20210301 Arsenal vs Brighton2-00.00%5.26%-6.38%
Thu, 20 May 20210366 West Bromwich vs West Ham1-30.00%2.70%-1.25%
Thu, 20 May 20210347 Burnley vs Liverpool0-3-25.00%0.00%2.46%
Thu, 20 May 20210361 Crystal Palace vs Arsenal1-3-7.69%-7.50%4.73%
Thu, 20 May 20210376 Everton vs Wolverhampton1-0-1.13%0.00%5.13%
Thu, 20 May 20210354 Newcastle vs Sheffield Utd1-07.27%-5.56%-9.52%
Thu, 20 May 20210340 Tottenham vs Aston Villa1-26.90%-7.14%-13.46%
Wed, 19 May 20210339 Chelsea vs Leicester2-1-4.38%5.71%4.17%
Wed, 19 May 20210336 Brighton vs Manchester City3-29.09%7.50%-3.45%
Wed, 19 May 20210355 Southampton vs Leeds0-20.00%0.00%2.17%
Wed, 19 May 20210344 Manchester Utd vs Fulham1-1-7.69%14.58%26.67%